My Forever Smile® Braces System

Our system relies on several facets working together to move teeth fast and more efficiently. The combination of brackets, wires and elastics, along with proper bracket placement results in the beautiful smiles we see at the end of our patient's treatments. Treatments at our offices usually take between 10 and 16 months, with many patients finishing much faster. Our patients also report less discomfort during treatment.

The My Forever Smile team delivers fast, gentle, easy, and affordable treatment for multiple problems, including:

• Crowding

• Open Bites

• Spacing Issues

• Crossbites

• Overbites

• High Canines




Shortcut the Process

Not the Results




Straightened by dentists

for about the cost of mail-order aligners




What Patients say about My Forever Smile®

“It was so fast…I had them on not even 11 months!” – Madelyn

“These braces are fast, safe, easy and affordable.” – Jason

“The best & affordable when it comes to braces. Love them.” – Tamara Nicole

“Both dentists are great and the whole staff is friendly and helpful. I love my braces, and all the work in general I get done is done with quality and care in mind. I recommend them to everyone!!” – Joe Karpuk

“Me & my daughter both have braces and we love them. Dr. Hayden rocks. He’s an awesome guy. I definitely would recommend either one of the doctors in this office!!” – Meeka Wilkins

“Only 5 months left & I already have a near perfect smile!” – Abigail Beckman

“Great office, great staff. These braces are the real deal!” – Holli Johnson