More Affordable

My Forever Smile can cost much less than expensive traditional orthodontic treatments. Our process works faster, and you have fewer visits, so our Providers can charge less.

Less Time

Achieving a terrific smile no longer has to be two-year or more ordeal. With My Forever Smile, the process from start to finish can take less than a year.  That means you take less time off work or school for orthodontic visits, saving you time and money.


More Comfort

Most people look forward to getting out of their braces much more than they look forward to getting into them. My Forever Smile patients report less discomfort than patients wearing traditional braces.

Straightened by dentists, for about the cost of mail-order aligners


My Forever Smile offices provide the fast, easy, gentle, and effective alternative to traditional orthodontic braces that costs about the same as mail-order aligner trays. My Forever Smile Providers quickly and effectively resolve issues including severe crowding of teeth, open bite, high canines, overbite, spacing issues, and crossbite. The My Forever Smile Braces System straightens teeth at the roots from the very beginning of treatment. This technique saves time and money.

We've developed the most efficient process for straightening teeth, which results in the most effective treatments for beautiful smiles!