My Forever Smile - Troy Office

At our Troy office, located at 363 West Big Beaver Road, we have been making beautiful smiles for over 7 years. With the development of our own braces system we've been able to keep the costs low and make the process shorter and more efficient so you spend less time, and money, getting the smile you've always wanted.

My Forever Smile offices provide the fast, easy, gentle, and effective alternative to traditional orthodontic braces that costs about the same as mail-order aligner trays. My Forever Smile providers quickly and effectively resolve issues including severe crowding of teeth, open bite, high canines, overbite, spacing issues, and crossbite. The My Forever Smile Braces System straightens teeth at the roots from the very beginning of treatment. This technique saves time and money.

We’ve developed the most efficient process for straightening teeth, which results in the most effective treatments for beautiful smiles! Our dentists have managed numerous cases and some have provided education to general dentists and orthodontists through workshops around the world.

Teeth straightened by dentists, for about the cost of mail-order aligners

For Patients

We’ve put some commonly-used forms on our website for your convenience. Please feel free to download any of these forms, print them out, complete them at home, and bring them with you to your appointment to save time. If you prefer to pick up and complete forms in our office, they are available from our receptionist. If you choose to complete forms in our office, please arrive a few minutes before your appointment.

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